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Unexpected Tales of Christmas Magic

Paul T Kidd
ISBN 978-1-901864-12-0 (Paperback)
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The Writing of Father Christmas Adventures

Father Christmas Adventures, which carries the sub-title, Unexpected Tales of Christmas Magic, is the second of my Christmas books. Here I want to explain how I came to write this book.

Father Christmas Adventures is a piece of experimental writing. Consisting of three short tales, all involving Father Christmas, they all have one thing in common: they are unexpected, and for this reason I will not tell you what happens in each story, lest I spoil the surprises!

The first short story is called William’s First Christmas. It is the story of a little boy whose parents do not believe in Christmas and who never engage in celebrating Christmas. The story is based on what Father Christmas does to help this poor child, and what he does, is, unexpected! The story also involves an unexpected twist at the end, which is characteristic of the nicely weird things that appear in my writings. Being experimental, my interest here was exploring the unexpected, and what one might expect from such a theme – a poor boy denied Christmas and Father Christmas coming to his aid – is not what happens!

Of the second tale, which is called Father Christmas and the Wolf, I will say that what I wanted to do was to write a story based on prose only, without resorting to dialogue. And of the content, this addresses how Father Christmas is concerned about environmental matters and sets about rescuing a wolf, which humans want to kill because it is, in their eyes, a pest. Here in this tale you will also discover that Father Christmas has enemies, and the nicely weird part of the story is when one of those enemies tries to rid the world of this jovial character, but of course, fails. Once more these are quite unexpected elements to find in a Father Christmas story.

Finally, about the third tale, which is titled, Encounter with a Wise Man, this tells of a meeting between Father Christmas and Balthazar, one the three wise men who appear in the nativity story. Here I wanted to write mostly in dialogue, and this is story is based on Balthazar recounting to you, the reader, what was said during that encounter. What you will soon realise is that Balthazar is still alive, two thousand years on from the meeting – see, I did say that I write nicely weird and unexpected things! This story also involves something that I call entanglement, by which I mean that I have entangled this tale with my first Christmas book, A Father Christmas Story, which was another aspect if my experimental writing.

So to summarise, I used this particular Christmas book to experiment with my writing and also as a way of further exploring the development of an author centric business model.

The book is available open access, which means that you can read it for free online.


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