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Encounter with a Wise Man



A Christmas Tale of Wisdom

Paul T Kidd
ISBN 978-1-901864-14-4 (Paperback)
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Encounter with a Wise Man was first published as part of a trilogy of short stories (Father Christmas Adventures) all involving Father Christmas. It is published here, on its own, as a fable that speaks clearly of the follies which are enslaving the minds of the peoples of the world, leading to a future that must not be. Being without doubt an unusual tale from the mind of a highly creative writer, Encounter with a Wise Man contains a powerful message and a warning to contemporary civilisation, for which the notion of wisdom is rapidly taking a back seat. What is becoming all too prevalent instead are the fruits of the labours of the children of the ideologies of science, free-market economics, and religion, who, being blindly caught up in their respective collective delusions, are jointly creating a hell on earth from which there will be no escape. The message of this book is clear: rediscover, now, wisdom and begin to walk a different path, or condemn future generations to live in a world that no sane person would want to be part of.


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