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Unexpected Tales of Christmas Magic

Paul T Kidd
ISBN 978-1-901864-12-0 (Paperback)
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Relevance to Contemporary Society

Father Christmas Adventures, which carries the sub-title, Unexpected Tales of Christmas Magic, is the second of my Christmas books. Here I want to explain the relevance of the story to contemporary society.

The first tale (William’s First Christmas) is a commentary on the stupidity of a certain attitude that prevails in the modern world, that the only valid way to understand and engage in life is through the rational. One can say this story is a response to stupid statements made by supposedly intelligent people, which go along the lines “there is something insidious about believing in something for which there is no evidence”. This tale explores the possible outcomes of such madness.

The second tale (Father Christmas and the Wolf ) is actually a critique of damaging attitude that European-oriented cultures display towards the natural world, and the tacit belief that we, as humans, are not part of nature, and somehow (in ways that no-one can rationally explain) we can survive without it. Here you will encounter another belief that needs to change: that we as humans have a right to decide which of our fellow inhabitants of plant earth, will live or die. You see, humans not only like to impose their will on other people, but also upon the natural world. But be careful, for one day the natural world will strike back! This tale hints at how we need to change our attitudes and in what way.

And finally the third tale (Encounter with a Wise Man), which is an observation about the lack of wisdom in the modern world, and the growing tendency for people to become ideological and live their lives within the framework of a dogma. Specifically the tale mentions three such ideologies: science, religion and capitalism, and how the three, acting together are creating a world more like a prison, and one from which there will be no escape. The point of the story is to highlight this matter and the need to stop and reflect upon how these ideologies are damaging all we hold dear, and to think about how we could begin to create a different future where people believe but without falling into the ideological trap.

The book is available open access, which means that you can read it for free online.


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