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eManufacturing is concerned with the use of the Internet and e-business technologies in manufacturing industries. It covers all aspects of manufacturing - sales, marketing, customer service, new product development, procurement, supplier relationships, logistics, manufacturing, strategy development and so on. The Interent also affects products as well since it is possible to use Interent technologies to add new product functions and to provide new services.

Manufacturing companies are using the Internet successfully for many different purposes. The scope of applications is large. Certain applications such as supply chain management, procurement, trade exchanges, and of course on-line sales have attracted a lot of attention in the press. However, this should not blind people to the fact that the Internet and e-business technologies can be used to support all aspects of manufacturing enterprises' activities. The challenge is to find the right application at the right time.

Application of the Internet is not a one-off project, but a journey that involves dealing with technologies, strategies, business processes, organisation and people. Success will come to those firms adopting an integrated approach driven by business needs and opportunities.



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