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What is sustainability? Many people seem to think that it is just something to do with the environment, or even worse, just climate change. In these pages we will address this most interesting question, suggest some answers, and, also, demonstrate why, given the present understandings, beliefs and values, why sustainability is not going to happen. It is not that it is impossible to achieve, just that people are …. Our aim is to educate people about this and also point out the path that is now open for humanity to follow.

Look at banner at the top of this page. What does is say? Paul T Kidd’s aim is not to preach, not to adopt an ideological stance, but to be a guide, an enabler, and to offer support in the difficult process of transition, this being the taking of a different road forward to the one that the world in currently journeying along. Key issues are exploring, learning, and developing understanding, leading to change. And no one has to get hurt, to die, or to suffer, or to engage in violence and oppression. As Ghandi said, “There are many causes I would die for. There there is not a single cause I would kill for.”  Perhaps a strong hint as to what a sustainable civilisation is founded on! More to follow in due course as the content of these web pages is developed. In the meantime, try reading Paul's books. He uses fiction to explore the issues that underlie sustainability—Paul is using the ancient tradition of story telling, parables almost—and he is in the process of providing free access, via this web site, to the content of these books:



A Father Christmas Story (free online access available)


Father Christmas Adventures (free online access available)


Encounter with a Wise Man (free online access available)


A Tale of Two Deserts (free online access available)


European Visions for the Knowledge Age (free online access available)







Some of Paul T Kidd's Books

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