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Paul T Kidd' Blog

In July 2013 I started a writer's blog. All authors have blogs these days, but in my case I have specific reasons beyond self promotion: I see the blog as a way of complementing my literary output, adding to what appears in my books and the content of this web site. It is also a way of explaining my approach to the complex problems that beset humanity, and illustrating also that the classical way of thinking about, and the approaches tothese troubles, is also part of the problem. I also use the blog to show that there is more to these challenges than first inspection might suggest, and that just focusing on one specific issue is not enough, and indeed, what is seen a problem might actually not be one at all, but actually a symptom of something far deeper and more profound.

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Paul T Kidd's blog


Here below is a list of some individual blog entries from 2013 (all links open in new windows):



Blog Entry 7 July 2013: This is the Journey ...

Blog Entry 14 July 2013: New Narratives for Europe

Blog Entry 21 July 2013: What is the Prometheus Syndrome?

Blog Entry 28 July 2013: And up pops Prometheus!

Blog Entry 4 August 2013: GM Crops - Another Case of the Prometheus Syndrome!

Blog Entry 11 August 2013: Bees and Neonicotinoids - The Prometheus Syndrome One More Time!

Blog Entry 14 August 2013: The Silly Things UK Engineers Say!

Blog Entry 18 August 2013: GM Animals - More About the Prometheus Syndrome

Blog Entry 25 August 2013: Fukushima in the News Again!

Blog Entry 1 September 2013: Fracking - It's that Prometheus Syndrome Again

Blog Entry 8 September 2013: Interpreting the Meaning of Richard Parker and the Life of Pi

Blog Entry 15 September 2013: Social Reform Back on the Agenda – The Archbishop of Canterbury and Payday Loan Companies

Blog Entry 22 September 2013:The Case of the Engineer who could not Move beyond Science and being Meticulous


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