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Paul T Kidd's Research Papers Relating to Control Systems Design

    P.T. Kidd, 1991, Modification of Adaptive Control Laws Using Adaptive Gain Feedback, International Journal of Control, 53(1), pp. 145-162.
    P.T. Kidd, 1991, Performance Characteristics of Adaptive Gain Feedback, Proc. IEE CONTROL 91 Conference, Edinburgh, UK.
    P.T. Kidd, 1987, Ship Propulsion Control, in Encyclopaedia of Systems and Control, edited by M.G. Singh (Pergamon Press).
    P.T. Kidd, 1986, Design of a Controller for a Multivariable System with Varying Parameters Using the Extended Nyquist Array, International Journal of Control, 43, pp. 901-920.
    P.T. Kidd, N. Munro, C. Thiruorooran and D.E. Winterbone, 1985, Linear Modelling of Ship Propulsion Plants, Proceedings Institution Mechanical Engineers Part A, 199, No. 1, pp. 53-58.
    P.T. Kidd, N. Munro and D.E. Winterbone, 1985, Development of an Alternative Control Scheme for a Naval Propulsion Plant, Transactions Institute of Measurement & Control, 7, pp. 46-56.
    P.T. Kidd, D.E. Winterbone and N. Munro, 1985, A New Technique for the Control of Naval Propulsion Systems, Journal of Naval Science, 11, No. 1, pp. 51-63.
    P.T. Kidd, N. Munro and D.E. Winterbone, 1985, Design of Compensation Schemes for a Non-Minimum Phase Multivariable Plant, 1985, IEE Proceedings Part D, 132, No. 2, pp. 75-85.
    P.T. Kidd, 1985, Comparison of the Performance of a Model‑Reference Adaptive System and a Classical Linear Control System Under Non‑Ideal Conditions, International Journal of Control, 42, pp. 671-694.
    P.T. Kidd, 1985, Robustness of Model Reference Adaptive Systems in the Presence of Unmodelled Dynamics and Output Disturbances, International Journal of Control, 42, pp. 1213-1225.
    P.T. Kidd, 1984, Comments on: Self Tuning and Stable Adaptive Control of a Batch Polymerisation Reactor, Automatica, 20, No. 4, pp. 481-482
    P.T. Kidd and N. Munro, 1984, On the Development of an Engineering Design Methodology for Model Reference Systems Using Frequency Domain Concepts, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, AC-29, pp. 951-954.
    P.T. Kidd, 1984, Extension of the Direct Nyquist Array Design Technique to Uncertain Multivariable Systems Subject to External Disturbances, International Journal of Control, 40, No. 5, pp. 875-901
    P.T. Kidd and N. Munro, 1984, A Critique of the Applicability of Model Reference Adaptive Systems to Chemical Process Control, Proc. Inst. M.C. Conference on Process Measurement and Control Applications, London, UK.
    P.T. Kidd, 1984, Design for Uncertain Multivariable Systems Using the Direct Nyquist Array, Proc. Inst. M.C. Symposium on Applications of Multivariable System Techniques, Plymouth, UK, October 1984
    P.T. Kidd and N. Munro, 1983, Design of Model Reference Systems using Frequency Domain Methods, IEE Proceedings Part D, 130, No. 6, pp. 273-280.
    P.T. Kidd and N. Munro, 1983, On the Use of Frequency-Domain Ideas in Model Reference Adaptive System Design, Proc. 22nd IEEE CDC, San Antonio, USA.
    P.T. Kidd and N. Munro, 1982, A Linear Adaptive Control System Design Technique, Proc. IEEE International Conference on Applications of Multivariable and Adaptive Control, Hull, UK.
    P.T. Kidd, N. Munro and D.E. Winterbone, 1982, Adaptive Multivariable Control of a Naval Propulsion Plant, Proc. Inst. M.C. Symposium on the Applications of Multivariable System Theory, Plymouth, UK.
    P.T. Kidd, N. Munro and D.E. Winterbone, 1981, Multivariable Control of a Ship Propulsion System, Proc. 6th Ship Control Systems Symposium, Ottawa, Canada.












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