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Paul T Kidd's Author Space

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Paul T Kidd's TwitterTale 1: Creation Myths

Creation Myths

#paultkidd_twittertale1 Creation Myths

#paultkidd_twittertale1 Prometheus created human beings

#paultkidd_twittertale1 you’re wrong, God created humans in his own image

#paultkidd_twittertale1 you’re both wrong; humans evolved from simpler life forms

#paultkidd_twittertale1 you’re all wrong, in fact …

#paultkidd_twittertale1 you’re all correct in your own time; each theory is part of a paradigm

#paultkidd_twittertale1 paradigms change when people begin to perceive the world in a fundamentally different way

#paultkidd_twittertale1 so, as for theories then: these are like patches on a coat – they just wear off with time

#paultkidd_twittertale1 change is truly a universal constant

#paultkidd_twittertale1 the western mind: only one view can be true; the one best way

#paultkidd_twittertale1 the eastern mind: all are true; each has something to offer

#paultkidd_twittertale1 and so it goes with religion too

#paultkidd_twittertale1 the end


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