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ICT & ART - Art Practice as Research


ICT & ART - Art Practice as Research

Art practice as research, or art as research, or creative arts enquiry, is a process that applies art in the generation of insights and knowledge. It is based on the act of artistic creation, whether that be painting, dance, music composition, creative writing, etc., as a means of producing new knowledge. And it is very good way of generating knowledge, both subjective and objective, and this often involves a follow on process of exegesis.

The power of art practice as research is that it links to subjectivity and makes it explicit, and this often leads to strange notions and questions which are essential to the creative process (be it scientific, technological, artistic, etc.), which in turn links to the more objective work that follows as a result. Art practice as research however is not primarily a matter of co-creation (for example between artists and technologists), nor even a question of interdisciplinary research, but mainly one of transdisciplinary working, which has profound implications for science, engineering and technology research. Importantly art practice as research helps to address the common misunderstanding that science is entirely based on the rational and objective, which it most definitely is not!

Art Practice as Research could have been the foundation upon which the ICT programme embraced art. But this did not happen, and once again the technocrats in DG CONNECT failed to CONNECT!

An example of art practice as research, which is based on the novel Moments in Time, is available in the form of an input to DG CONNECT’s FET Proactive consultation on the topic Time for Time:











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