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Paul T Kidd —Book Shop Overview

Paul T Kidd's Book Shop will be designed to provide a value adding feature to Cheshire Henbury's web site. Paul plans to identify carefully selected readings that are specifically linked to Paul's works (i.e. the background source material that inspired and informed Paul's writing). He will also identify specific books that may be useful reading, providing also reviews and commentary. Therefore you will be able to further develop your knowledge and understanding of the issues raised in Paul's books, and understand also the wide range of topics that inform his approach to sustainability. The development of this facility is currently being considered. There are a few books below which we have added to this page along with some comments from Paul. The intention is to redesign this facility so that it is easier to use.

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The Knowledge Society

A Breakthrough Toward Genuine Sustainability

Marc Luyckx Ghisi
ISBN 978-81-89658-14-4 (Paperback)

This is a very insightful overview of the many diverse issues relevant to sustainability. Here you will find more than just matters relating to environment, but consideration of the way we as humans behave and our values, how these are changing, and, most importantly a different approach to business - the knowledge era way. On the negative side, the book is overly optimistic about the difficulties involved in paradigm shifts (the world is still firmly rooted in the industrial era and as yet shows not sign of leaving this behind) and perhaps some matters discussed are not accurately presented (e.g. references to Copernicus).


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The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Thomas S Kuhn
ISBN 978-0226458120 (Paperback)

This book will show you how science actually operates, and demonstrate to you how paradigm shifts are opposed. It will help you to understand why changing a paradigm, even when change is needed, is such a slow and difficult process. If you believe, as many scientists do, that science is entirely rational and that they will change their minds when presented with evidence and facts that show that their current theories and viewpoints are no longer appropriate, then this is the book that will disabuse you of that belief. Here also you will begin to discover the reason for what I call the science delusion.


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The Great Partnership

God, Science and the Search for Meaning

Jonathan Sacks
ISBN 978-0340995259 (Paperback)

This is truly an amazing and beautiful book and the beginning of an understanding of why we need to bring science and religion together once more – together they can do far more than each alone, with each acting as an inspiration to the other. And if you read The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, you will know that achieving this great partnership will be a struggle of epic proportions, but it is one that we need to undertake if we want to create a sustainable civilisation.


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