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Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers

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Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers

book cover

Agile Manufacturing

Paul T Kidd

ISBN 0-201-63163-6 (Hardbound)

Publisher: Addison Wesley

Price: See buy on-line link

Publication Date: June 1994


Agile Manufacturing: Forging New Frontiers

Chapter 07 Introduction

In this Chapter we will look closely at the nature of design processes. How we go about designing an Agile Manufacturing Enterprise and the associated manufacturing systems and computer-based technologies, is fundamentally important, primarily for two reasons. First, certain assumptions are built into our systems design processes, and when we design systems and technologies we do so based on a set of norms and value judgements. Second, to achieve Agile Manufacturing, we need agile design processes. All of our traditional design processes are however, far from agile. They are, in fact, extremely ridged, awkward and sluggish. They commit us to following actions, often based on a poor understanding of the problems that we are trying to solve, and they keep our attention focused on these actions, even when the reasons why we are pursuing them have altered and even disappeared altogether.

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