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Published Feb 2007
European Visions for the Knowledge Age: A Quest for New Horizons in the Information Society
E-business Strategy: Case Studies, Benefits and Implementation
Electronic Commerce: Opening up New Opportunities for Business
Rapid Prototyping for Competitive Advantage: Technologies, Applications and Implementation for Market Success
Scalable Coherent Interface

What are Rapid Prototyping Technologies? Rapid Prototyping Technologies: An Executive's Guide
Strategic Importance of Rapid Prototyping Technologies Rapid Prototyping Technologies: An Implementation Guide
Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Strategy Rapid Prototyping for Competitive Advantage: Technologies, Applications and Implementation for Market Success
Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Technologies Spare Parts Made on the Spot - Article from the Financial Times
Rapid Prototyping Email List Rapid Prototyping Cuts Development Costs
Rapid Prototyping Vendors Report Warns About Hidden Cost of Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping - Questions and Answers Rapid prototyping processes give industry the potential to break with accepted practices, and an opportunity for firms to innovate
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