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EMMSEC 99 Programme

EMMSEC 99 Programme


European Multimedia, Embedded Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition
Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 June, 1999



Business and Work in the Information Society
Annual Conference and Exhibition
European Multimedia, Embedded Systems, Technologies for Business Processes and Electronic Commerce
21-23 June1999
Stockholm, Sweden

Programme (version - 21/6/1999)

Exhibition and coffee breaks take place at 10.20 and 15.00 each day
Exhibition and luncheon will be served at 12.20 each day

Day one. Monday 21 June 1999

08.00 onwards Registration

09.00 Session 1: Plenary - Opening Session and keynote addresses
Chairman: Jan Uddenfeldt, Senior Vice President, Ericsson, Sweden
What Information and Communication Offers to Mankind in the Next Decade
Georg Berner, Head of Innovation and Communications, Siemens Corporate Research, Germany
Information Industry: Growth Engine of the Global Economy.
Lucio Stanca, Chairman IBM Europe, Middle East and North Africa, France
11.00 Session 2A: Multimedia and the Internet - 1
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digital Film Center, Netherlands

VR-Shop: Virtual Reality Based Shopping Community
Andrea Haf, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
Electronic Commerce and Multimedia - a New Facet in Austria's Foreign Trade
Christian Rupp, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Austria
Architecture for Quality of Service Provisioning over CATV Networks
Eric Deberdt, THOMSON-CSF, France
11.00 Session 2B: Knowledge Management in Electronic Commerce
Chairman: Herman Derache, WTCM-CRIF, Belgium

Mining Marketing Intelligence from Internet Retailing Data: User Requirements
Maurice Mulvenna, Mine-it Software, UK
A Knowledge Based Approach to Strategic Marketing Utilising Electronic Commerce
Phil Shakeshaft, Northern Development Company, UK
FactMerchant: Automating the delivery of Business Intelligence on the Web
Paul Cunningham, International Information Management Corporation, Ireland
11.00 Session 2C: Business Process Improvement
Chairman: Jesus Villasante, European Commission

Re-Engineering the Mailer-Post Interface
John Wells, IPC Technology, Belgium
Remote Life Cycle Support for Industrial Machinery in the Food Industry
Sabrina Dellapina, Frigomeccanica, Italy
SUPPLYPOINT: Towards a Framework for Virtual Enterprises in Contracting
Stamatios Tsakopoulos, Centre For Electronic Commerce, UK
11.00 Session 2D: Embedded Control Systems
Chairman: Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France

Automotive Diagnosis Using Applet Technology: Architectural Aspects
Jérôme Charousset, TRIALOG, France
Choosing 32-bit Microcontrollers for Automotive Systems
Steve Evans, ARM Ltd, UK
A SDL-based Design Methodology for Embedded Control Systems
R. Welge, Universität Hannover, Germany
11.00 Session 2E: IST Multimedia Projects - 1
Chairman: Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany

Integrating Digital Archives and Multimedia Production Tools
Marcus Herzog, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Visual Movie Annotation and Analysis in the VICAR Project
Werner Haas, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria
System Design for Efficiency Gains in the Independent Music Business
Per Fossum, DISA Group, Sweden
11.00 Session 2F: Workshop on Multimedia for Education - 1
Chairman: Gianna Avellis, TECNOPOLIS, Italy

Education and Training: A Challenge between Industries & Cultures
Antonella Fresa, CESVIT, Italy
Collaborative Learning Networking in School Education via WWW
Demetrios Sampson, Pliroforiki Technognosia, Greece
Round Table discussion
13.40 Session 3A: Virtual Worlds
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Automatic Generation of Virtual Worlds from Industrial Simulation Data
Volker Luckas, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany
Nomadic Teleworking Business Environment
Sotirios Maniatis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Tracking Systems for Use in Ergonomic Assessment of Virtual Vehicle Interiors
Jay Bal, Rover Advanced Technology Centre, UK
13.40 Session 3B: Agents in Electronic Commerce
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

An Adaptive Software Agent for Aautomated Integrative Negotiations
Otmar Görlitz, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Management of Information Markets with Mobile Agents
Reinhard Riedl, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Electronic Commerce: A Model based on Agent Technology
Maria Joao Viamonte, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
13.40 Session 3C: Processes to Support Electronic Sales
Chairman: Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany

Open Service Architectures with PMS and Accounting and Charging Capabilities
Evangelia Tzifa, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Consumer Individualisation Technologies for E-commerce on the Internet
Erik Wallin, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Technology for High level Organisation of European Sales
Eric Boudon, Boss & Boudon, France
13.40 Session 3D: Embedded Systems for Multimedia
Chairman: Jean-Yves Brunel, Philips, Netherlands

Compiler Optimisations for Media Processors
Rainer Leupers, University of Dortmund, Germany
Static Multiple Path Prediction on VLIW Multimedia DSPs
Dirk Herrmann, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Assisted Design Techniques for Display Oriented Embedded Systems
Paul Lister, University of Sussex, UK
13.40 Session 3E: Ecommerce, Digital Signatures & Security - 1
Chairman: Jöran Wester, Secured Electronic Information in Society, Sweden

Electronic Identification
Gunnar Klein, SEIS, Sweden
National Infrastructure for digital signatures
Kaarlo Korvola, Ministry of Finance, Finland
Non-Repudiation Certificates
Stefan Santesson, Accurata Systemsakerhet, Sweden
13.40 Session 3F: Workshop on Multimedia for Education - 2
Chairman: Gianna Avellis, TECNOPOLIS, Italy

Web-based Course Delivery: A Case Study in Engineering
Aysegul Cuhadar, University of Manitoba, Canada
IMAT : Re-using Multi-media Electronic Technical Documentation for Training
Robert de Hoog, TNO, The Netherlands
On-line Educational Multimedia Authoring Environments
Demetrios Sampson, Pliroforiki Technognosia, Greece
Round Table Discussion
15.40 Session 4A: Multimedia in Publishing
Chairman: Philippe Rouzet, THOMSON-CSF, France

Electronic Magazines: A proper way to deliver Scientific and Academic Knowledge?
María Angeles Pérez Juárez, University of Valladolid, Spain
A System for Analysis and Presentation of MPEG Compressed Newsfeeds
Guido Falkemeier, Technical University of Clausthal, Germany
New Book Economy - Innovation within the Book Selling and Publishing Sectors
Katharina Warta, Austrian Research Centre, Austria
15.40 Session 4B: Electronic Commerce in Consumer Markets
Chairman: Terje Grimstad, Posten SDS, Norway

Comparison of Traditional and E-Commerce Retail Markets
Christian Persson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Web-based retailing business models
Nikos Skarpetis, EMPHASIS, Greece
15.40 Session 4C: Managing Processes
Chairman: Maurice Mulvenna, Mine-it Software, UK

Information Management within the Intermodal Transport Chain
Abdennour El Rhalibi, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Intelligent Software Agents for Supporting Roles in Operational Transport Planning
Teresa Galvão Dias, Imperial College, UK
Professional Management of Flexible, Customer Driven, Responsive Processes
Detlef Lippert, CLS Informationssysteme, Germany
15.40 Session 4D: Virtual Components in Embedded Systems Design
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Embedding Intellectual Value into the Next System: A Market Study on IP Semblance
Giulio Gorla, Italtel, Italy
How can we solve the IPR Problem within a University-industry Framework?
Juan Peire, Ciudad Universitaria, Spain
Co-operative Design-in Process from IP to SoC
Jean-Francois Pollet, Dolphin Integration, France
15.40 Session 4E: E-Commerce, Digital Signatures & Security - 2
Chairman: Jöran Wester, Secured Electronic Information in Society, Sweden

A New Standard for Storing Keys and Certificates on Smart Cards
Hans Nilsson, iD2 Technologies, Sweden
Safe and simple payments for bank customers
Gunnar Claesson, Bankgirocentralen, Sweden
Testing interoperability of electronic identification standards
Bjorn Lindberg, Telefon AB LM Ericsson, Sweden
15.40 Session 4F: Workshop on Embedded Systems: Smart Cards
Chairman: Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France

The System of Electronic Tags for Equipment Control
Marjan Seljak, Metra Ingeniring, Slovenia
Convergence to a Common Smart Card Architecture for Electronic Commerce
David Ankri, Oberthur Smart Cards, France
A Personal Agent Manager for Mobile Users
Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France
17.00 - 18.00 Cocktail
All delegates are invited to the Exhibition area to join in a Cocktail Party kindly hosted by hosted by ARM

Day two. Tuesday 22 June 1999
09.00 Session 5: Plenary: Succeeding in the Information Society market place
Chairman: Ann-Marie Nilsson, CEO The Swedish IT Companies Organisation, Sweden

Standards in Real-time Systems: Enabling Market Growth
Lars Österberg, CEO, Enea OSE Systems, Sweden
There's been no E-commerce Revolution Yet
Derek Kueter, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Luxembourg
Raising Funding for Emerging IST Ventures: Myth and Reality
William Stevens, Managing Director, Europe Unlimited, Belgium
11.00 Session 6A: Multimedia and the Internet - 2
Chairman: Terje Grimstad, Posten SDS, Norway

Advanced Video Services in a Corporate Environment: The IntrAMUSE Solution
Corrado Rosa, Italtel, Italy
INFOBUS: Public Transport Information on the World Wide Web
Teresa Cunha Barros, INEGI, Portugal
Authoring of 3D Based Multimedia Applications for the World Wide Web
Colette Elcacho, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany
11.00 Session 6B: Electronic Commerce for SMEs - 1
Chairman: Jesus Villasante, European Commission

DECLIC.NET: A Regional Initiative to boost SME Usage of Electronic Commerce
Michel Declunder, Kalimedia, France
Electronic Commerce for SMEs´ with Comdex Award ABC Software
Jesper Lohse, Danish Probe, Denmark
Value-added Services for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Peer Wichmann, Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany
11.00 Session 6C: Distance Learning Processes
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

Remote Control of Laboratory Equipment Using Open Internet Standards
Hermann Schumacher, University of Ulm, Germany
Techniques for Arranging a Global Seminar for a Large Audience
Alex Jonsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Secondary Education in Rural Areas Supported by IC Technologies
Elena Coello, Sema Group, Spain
11.00 Session 6D: Hardware Software Co-design
Chairman: Philippe Rouzet, THOMSON-CSF, France

Hardware-Software Co-Design for a Partitioning and Scheduling Co-Processor
Barbara Koroušic Seljak, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
CoMes: CoDesign Methodology for Embedded Systems
Bernard Foucault, Matra BAe Dynamics, France
Hardware/Software System Prototyping using VLIW Architectures
Rainer Kress, Siemens, Germany
11.00 Session 6E IST Multimedia Projects - 2
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digital Film Center, Netherlands

MPEG-4 PC - Authoring and Playing of MPEG-4 Content
Peter Gerken, Q-Team, Germany
Virtual European School - A Multimedia Service for Teachers and Pupils
Harald Mayer, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria
MEDIASPOT, a versatile solution to broadband multimedia needs
Carine De Baets, SAIT-VideoHouse, Belgium
11.00 Session 6F: Workshop on the Impact of JAVA on E-Commerce
Chairman: Arantxa Doncel Juarez, Instituto Balear de Innovacion Telematica - Fundació, Spain

Federated Database System through Java Technologies to enable an open marketplace
Francisca Campins Verger, Fundación IBIT, Spain
A Layered Architecture based in Java for Internet and Intranets Information Systems
Fidel Cacheda Seijo, Universidad de a Coruña, Spain
Round Table Discussion
13.40 Session 7A: Multimedia and Digital Entertainment
Chairman: Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany

Data Distribution and Network Interconnectivity on a Parallel VoD Server
Dimitris Lioupis, Computer Technology Institute, Greece
Security Issues with the Foundations of Set-Top boxes
Aaron Ardiri, University of Gävle, Sweden
Faster, Smaller, Cheaper - Creating a "Win-Win" for Digital Set Top Boxes
Noel Hurley, ARM LTD, UK
13.40 Session 7B: Internet Applications
Chairman: Herman Derache, WTCM-CRIF, Belgium

Business to Business Third Party Trading Services: a Service-Provider's Perspective
David Horne, Tradezone International, UK
Controlled Languages as the Basis for Multilingual Catalogues on the WWW
Catherine Bounsaythip, VTT Information Technology, Finland
Diagnosis on Electronic Relationships for Working on the Network
Javier Moral, CEDETEL, Spain
13.40 Session 7C: Business Information Flows
Chairman: Maurice Mulvenna, Mine-it Software, UK

Best Practices for SMEs to Face the Euro Challenge
Monica Palmirani, Gruppo Formula, Italy
Networks for TT: the HPCN TTN Quality Control & Inspection Sector Group
Cinzia Giachetti, Consorzio Pisa Ricerche, Italy
Business and Human Language Technologies R&D.
Tony Hegarty, Anite Systems, Luxembourg
13.40 Session 7D: Design of Embedded Systems - 1
Chairman: Jean-Yves Brunel, Philips, Netherlands

Using the STEPCAM Integrated Toolset with the Philips XA Microcontroller
Martin McGinnity, University of Ulster, UK
SHARED: A Tool-set to Improve the Prototyping of Embedded Systems
Teresa Riesgo, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Java & CoSy Technology for Embedded Systems: The JOSES Project
Daniela Genius, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
13.40 Session 7E: Idealist Brokerage Session: E-Commerce, TBP & Embedded Systems
Chairman, Paul Drath, Idealist Consortium, UK

A session to help SMEs find project partners
13.40 Session 7F: How European Support Changed My Company - SME Experiences
Chairman: Geir Horn, Sintef, Norway

A new electronic control system for stationary standby power units
Conny Lindström, Genetech AB, Sweden
Embedded Fingerprint Recognition Processor
Svein Mathiassen, Idex AS, Norway
Power measurement system for rotating shafts
Frantz Karsten Smith, F.K. Smith AS, Norway
15.40 Session 8A: Applications in Multimedia
Chairman: Floris Kolvenbach, Digital Film Center, Netherlands

One Screen, Many Ways of Transmission: The Future of Distribution
Torben Rasmussen, Société Européenne des Satellites, Luxembourg
ERMES Services for Education
Gianna Avellis, TECNOPOLIS CSATA Novus Ortus, Italy
Distributed Applications for Multimedia Interactive Services
Anita Björk Lund, University of Iceland, Iceland
15.40 Session 8B: Trust and Legal Issues in E-Commerce
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission

Threat to the Information Society: The EU Copyright Proposal
Rosa Julià-Barceló, CRID, Belgium
EMERITUS - The Global Trust Services Initiative
Richard Wilsher, the Zygma partnership, UK
Legal Frameworks and Legislative Issues
Katia Bodard, VUB, Belgium
15.40 Session 8C: Technology and Business Process Implementation Issues
Chairman: Herman Derache, WTCM-CRIF, Belgium

Effective Virtual Teamworking
Jay Bal, Rover Advanced Technology Centre, UK
Support of the EFQM Excellence Model
Andreas Dalluege, IBK, Germany
The Ravine - Faith in Information and Communication Technology
Bo Lennstrand, Stockholm University, Sweden
15.40 Session 8D: Home Automation
Chairman: Pierre Paradinas, Gemplus, France

Internet Enabled Embedded Systems: They will Make a Difference to the User
Jan Brissman, TAC, Sweden
Electronic Commerce Services Expand Home Automation Capabilities
Antonio Kung, TRIALOG, France
A Data Rate Spread Spectrum Communication System for Home Automation
Eric Campo, Université Toulouse II, France
15.40 Session 8E: Idealist Brokerage Session: Multimedia
Chairman: Bent Egebart, Idealist Consortium, Denmark

A session to help SMEs find project partners
15.40 Session 8F: Broadband and Multimedia
Chairman: Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany

The DVB Multimedia Home Platform
Georg Luetteke, Philips Consumer Electronics, Germany
MPEG-4 Compression & Presentation Scheme: Its Future Multimedia Applications
Torsten Mlasko, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
The path from narrowband to broadband wireless services
Bosco Eduardo Fernandes, SIEMENS AG, Germany
Multimedia service portability and interoperability
Göran Wahlberg, Nokia, Germany
Day three. Wednesday 23 June 1999
09.00 Session 9A: Multimedia Technologies
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

Compact Laser Projector for Multimedia
Sami Kiiskilä, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Design and Implementation of a Simulation Tool for Multimedia Server Architecture
Martin Maierhofer, University of Teesside, UK
THE SPACE PLANNER: Internet based 3D Graphics in the Furniture Business
Rainer Malkewitz, Fraunhofer-IGD, Germany
09.00 Session 9B: E-Commerce for SMEs - 2
Chairman: Terje Grimstad, Posten SDS, Norway

AMMnet: Deploying Internet Technologies into a Civil Construction SME
Henriqueta Nóvoa, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
PREMISE: Increasing the take-up of Electronic Commerce by SMEs
Lindsay Wittenberg, The TAPAS Partnership, UK
Approaches and Solutions for SME eCommerce Support Services
Kennet Lindquist, Swedish TelePedagogic Knowledge Centre, Sweden
09.00 Session 9C: Virtual Enterprises
Chairman: Maurice Mulvenna, Mine-it Software, UK

Managing Complex Logistic Flows in Enterprise Networks: The FLUENT Approach
Paolo Paganelli, Gruppo Formula, Italy
Virtual Enterprise Forecasting within the Food Supply Chain
Alvaro Duarte Oliveira, Alfamicro, Portugal
Strategic Outsourcing of Accounting Processes in SMEs
Yann Bongiovanni, UBK, Germany
09.00 Session 9D: Design of Embedded Systems - 2
Chairman: Geir Horn, Sintef, Norway

Advanced Generator Techniques for Embedded Compilers
Thilo Gaul, Universitaet Karlsruhe, Germany
Minimising Communication Overhead in Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems
Wolfgang Schuler, GFT Technologieconsulting, Germany
mAgic FPU: VLIW Floating Point Engines for System-on-Chip Applications
Daniel Maufroid, THOMSON CSF Communications, France
09.00 Session 9E: IST Electronic Commerce Projects
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel. The European Commission

Applying Autonomous Agents in Electronic Commerce
Michael Vetter, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, Germany
Shopping Assistant: Retailing Agent for Personalised Communication on Internet
Vania Conan, Thomson-CSF Communications, France
intraWool: Electronic Commerce and the Logistic of Commodity Wool
Manfred Kraft, LFB Finanz, Germany
09.00 Session 9F: MODES workshop on Design of Embedded Systems - 1
Chairman: Jan Brissman, TAC, Sweden

Modern Networking Products: Design Issues
Henrik Nilsson, TAC, Sweden
Developing and Implementing Embedded Systems from Object Models
Peter Green, UMIST, UK
11.00 Session 10 Final Plenary: The Information Society, Effects and Opportunities
Chairman: Magnus Lemmel, Director General DGIII, The European Commission

Convergence: an interworking challenge with the Net World
Jack Cavelier, Vice-President, CS Telecom, France
Benchmarking the G-7 ICT Markets
Markus Klimmer, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Germany
Electronic Banking and Electronic Commerce: A Symbiotic Relationship
Bo Herald, Executive Vice President Merita-Nordbanken, Finland
13.30 Session 11A: Workshop on IST Embedded Systems' Projects
Chairman: Philippe Rouzet, THOMSON-CSF, France

SAMOA : An Open, Scalable and Cost Effective Video Server Platform Based
Didier Aubert, TEMEX TELECOM, France
Communication Refinement in Video Systems On Chip
Jean-Yves Brunel, Philips Research, The Netherlands
Programmable Remote Analysis Coupling Targets in Control at Low Level
Tilo Heimbold, HTWK Leipzig, Germany
13.30 Session 11B: Security in E-Commerce
Chairman: Jesus Villasante, European Commission

Scenario Management in E-commerce: Security Control at Application Level
Amin Elsaleh, VANEDI , France
The SETECS System for Global Electronic Commerce
Sead Muftic, SETECS, Sweden
13.30 Session 11C: Computer Supported Co-operative Working
Chairman: Roland Pleger, DLR, Germany

Document Exchange as a Basis for Business-to-business Co-operation
Hans-Juergen Hoffmann, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
Computer Supported Co-operative Construction Management
Andreas Dalluege, IBK, Germany
13.30 Session 11D: Networks and Switching
Chairman: Geir Horn, Sintef, Norway

A Scalable Switch for SCI Interconnections
Donald Bennett, Lockheed Martin Tactical Defense Systems, USA
System Exploration & Synthesis from SDL of Telecom Network Components
Chantal Ykman-Couvreur, IMEC, Belgium
Advanced ATM Interface
Nikos Mouratidis, SOLINET, Germany
13.30 Session 11E: Workshop on IST technologies - 1
Chairman: Terje Grimstad, Posten SDS, Norway

Networks Coming Home: Information Networks & the Consumer Market in Europe
Angus Goldfinch, Asita Technologies, UK
Conceptualising Net-sites for Electronic Commerce
Joachim Lous, Norwegian Computing Centre, Norway
The Cave Experience: People and Technology in and Experimental Performance Space
Claus Knudsen, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
13.30 Session 11F: MODES workshop on Design of Embedded Systems - 2
Chairman: Jan Brissman, TAC, Sweden

Developing Embedded System component models from Use Cases
David Aldridge, Mitel Semiconductor, UK
Modular Embedded Internet Software Support
Francesco Aliverti, Etnoteam, Italy
14.50 Tutorial on Framework Programme Five
Chairman: Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
The Investment Forum
Jesus Villasante, The European Commission
Take-up Measures
Frank Cunningham, The European Commission
Key Action II
Rosalie Zobel, The European Commission
Innovation and the SME Programme
Thomas Liljemark, NUTEK, Sweden
Questions to the Panel



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