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HITOP - High Integration of Technology, Organization, People

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HITOP Products & Services

A More Effective Way to Introduce New Technology


Developed in response to the need for a systematic approach to support the implementation of new information technologies, HITOP provides a framework for companies of all sizes to:

1. understand the organization and people issues surrounding the implementation of new technologies

2. design new jobs and organizational structures to support information technology systems

3. generate and manage plans for change associated with new technology.

The HITOP method is embodied in a technical reference manual and an analysis workbook. The method is supported by a managing technology change checklist and a managing integration workbook. These materials provide the guidance needed by companies to address important issues that are crucial to the successful implementation and use of modern information technologies.

Ensuring Success Through Change

Options for organizational changes are numerous. HITOP provides a framework for assessing the organizational and human resource needs of new technologies. It aims to help ensure companies derive the expected benefits from their investments by helping them to better manage technical change. HITOP provides the means to take account of people, organization, systems and technology and the way these elements can best work together to achieve competitive success.

Some HITOP Users:

Boeing Aerospace
Digital Equipment Corp
Douglas Aircraft Co (Division of McDonnell Douglas Corp)
General Motors
Hewlett Packard (Boise Printer Division)
Philip Morris
Solar Turbines (Subsidiary of Caterpillar Co)
Westinghouse Defense

Typical Benefits

Cost savings
Improved production quality
Cross-functional team building
More effective use of technologies
Faster implementation times
Better process understanding
Improved communications and understandings
Better motivation
Identification of key operational issues
Identification of internal weaknesses (eg strategy, change management capabilities, etc)
Clarification of roles and responsibilities
Enabling empowerment, participation and culture change.


The HITOP Toolkit
Cat # HTK1: Price £250 (including delivery).

The HITOP Tookit contains:

HITOP Reference Manual
The HITOP Reference Manual is a self-guided reference through HITOP. It describes a systematic process by which the human and organizational implications of technology plans can be assessed. The HITOP Reference Manual leads you through: implementing HITOP; assessing the readiness of your organization for HITOP; determining critical features of technology plans; determining essential job requirements, job designs, skills, training and selection requirements; determining requirements and options for pay, promotion, and organizational structure.

HITOP Workbook
The HITOP Workbook is designed to provide a complete record of a HITOP application to your technology implementation project. The HITOP workbook contains 63 pages of blank forms all of which are designed to enhance the basic forms contained in the Reference Manual.

HITOP A3 Size Laminated Flow Chart
An A3 size flow chart of the HITOP process, laminated in clear plastic to ensure durability. Can be used for reference purposes during applications of HITOP; write on, wipe off during HITOP activities; handy reference guide during study of the HITOP method.

HITOP A4 Size Laminated Cheat Sheets (pack of 6)
A4 size, laminated in clear plastic, cheat sheets contain simple definitions of key HITOP terminology. Useful for anyone who needs a ready reference while participating in HITOP.

Managing Technology Change Checklist
The managing technology change checklist is an easy to use pencil and paper survey based on "Yes-No" questions. It covers areas like: past equipment uses, job design, training, rewards, attitudes, personnel relations, communications, etc. It is designed to be administered to plant managers, non-engineering staff, engineering staff, supervisors, and hourly paid employees. The checklist can be used to establish culture, values and current practices. The package contains: one questionnaire for plant managers (45 questions); one questionnaire for non-engineering staff (52 questions); one questionnaire for engineering staff (75 questions); one questionnaire for supervisors (94 questions); one questionnaire for hourly paid employees (86 questions); one workbook for collating the questionnaire results; and one copy of the assessment scheme. Replacement or additional copies of the questionnaires and workbook can be purchased separately as needed.


Additional Services/Materials

HITOP Support Services
While HITOP is based on an internally driven approach to managing technical change, some organizations may wish to have access to people with HITOP expertise and application experience.

HITOP Toolkit Additional/Replacement Materials
All the items included in the HITOP Toolkit can be purchased as individual items.

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