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E-business Benefits

Top concerns for CEO's in today's business environment are:

  • the threat posed by competitors;
  • controlling costs;
  • finding new opportunities; and
  • improving responsiveness;
  • better customer focus and service.

E-business is capable of delivering these benefits.

Business of all sizes in all sectors are using the Internet in many different ways - to work with partners and suppliers, for procurement, for internal activities such as knowledge sharing and new product development, and much more.

Companies such as United Technologies, J. Sainsbury, General Electric and many others are reporting benefits from the use of the Internet. These benefits include:

  • improved speed of response;
  • cost savings;
  • improved communications, information and knowledge sharing;
  • reductions in inventory;
  • improved efficiency and productivity;
  • harmonisation and standardisation of procedures;
  • better transfer of best practices;
  • acquisition of new customers and increased sales;
  • improved customer service.

However the benefits are achieved not by technology (which is an enabler) but by addressing strategy, technology, organisation, people and business processes as an integrated whole and making changes in all these dimensions. The Internet is just like other information technologies - change management, good implementation practices and clear business objectives are required in order to reap the full benefits.

Executives and managers can learn more by reading our e-business publications. "Electronic Business: The Executive Guide" provides an introduction to the Internet and its potential. It is written for the benefit of non-specialists and avoids the use of jargon. No prior knowledge of the Internet is assumed. "E-business Strategy: Case Studies, Benefits and Implementation" is a much more detailed publication which is focused on both understanding and development of an e-business strategy. "E-business Strategy Tools: Practical Help for Executives" is a publication that provides a number of practical tools to help formulate an e-business strategy or to check/verify an existing strategy. "E-business Technical Change: A Manager's Guide" is a publication that provides assistance to managers wishing to manage the organisational and people changes associated with the introduction of e-business technologies - includes guidance, checklists and analysis tools.

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