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23 December 2002

News from IST Key Action II Project - STAR

Four new reports are now available for downloading from the STAR web site:

"Emerging Trends in Customer Relation Management Using ICT: the Retail Trade Industry"

While the electronic customer relationship management in the retail trade industry is considered a strategic element in the development of electronic commerce, its potentialities are far from being fully completed. This report analyses the results of a research based on a survey of sixteen companies in the large-scale retail trade sector in four European countries (France, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom) and presents a detailed assessment of the functional and organisational changes resulting from the introduction of e-CRM in retail companies.

"Emerging Trends in Customer Relation Management Using ICT: the Financial Services"

Over the last decade the financial industry has experienced remarkable changes in its organisational and competitive structure. Increasing globalisation and growing competition along with the advent of the Internet have brought fundamental changes in the financial services supply and have driven this industry towards e-CRM. This report, based upon seventeen European case studies, provides an examination of the emerging trends in customer relationship management using information and communication technologies ("e-CRM") in the financial sector.

"Settling the e-CRM Frontier: the Experience of Innovating European Firms"

This report examines how business practices in customer relationship management are evolving in Europe given the variety of new ICT applications such as call centres, Internet-based help desks and e-mail use, direct customer ordering and enquiries, and customer information provision on the World Wide Web. It is based upon case studies of the experience of sixteen European companies that had a degree of success in undertaking e-CRM implementations.

"ICTs and Improved Consumer Control on Content Supply: the Case of the Entertainment, Video games and Software Industries".

Starting from the assumption that progress made in information and communication technologies (ICTs) could provide demand (consumers) with better control on supply (content producers), this report investigates the effects of enhanced consumer control in terms of quality, diversity, and collective creation, with particular regard to three specific types of content: entertainment, videogames and software.

As for all STAR reports, they are available for free downloading upon registration. The executive summary, instead, is available directly online (

Should you have any problems with the downloading or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the STAR project consortium(

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