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10 December 2002

News from IST Key Action II Project - STAR

Between April and June 2002, the STAR project has conducted interviews with 69 major companies providing retail, financial, travel and other services to European customers. The aim was to assess the current state of eCRM development, identifying emerging opportunities for its productive use, and to evaluate its organisational and employment impacts. The Internet and other ICTs, in fact, offer extraordinary opportunities for innovation in customer relationship management. For businesses, eCRM provides new ways to recruit customers and retain their loyalty, to customise services and provide personalised products and services, to identify emerging patterns of demand in style and to enhance links with suppliers to meet these demands.

The main findings of this field research have been analysed in five reports. Two of them are already available for downloading on the STAR web site, while the others will be published in December 2002.

The first report available on the STAR web site is entitled "Employment Implications of Electronic Customer Relationship Management" and is aimed at analysing the impact of the introduction of electronic customer relationship management on work content, skill requirements and employment levels.

The second one, "Emerging Trends in Customer Relation Management Using ICT: the Travel Industry", provides an overview of the use of ICTs in the organisation and management of customer relations in the travel industry. In this sector, in fact, the Internet is gradually gaining ground as a distribution channel that offers direct and interactive communication with final customers and allows for more targeted distribution of information at a lower cost. At the same time, it offers suppliers in the industry the potential to by-pass intermediaries in the value-chain and thus increases their revenue base. These trends call for new business models to be developed by travel and tourism companies for managing their relationships with intermediaries and final customers.

As for all STAR reports, they are available for free downloading upon registration. The executive summary, instead, is available directly online (

Should you have any problems with the downloading or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the STAR project consortium(

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