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3 December 2002

News from IST Key Action II Project - STAR

Four new reports are now available for downloading from the STAR web site:

"French Cyberspace of Online Services: The Dynamics of the Learning Experience from Minitel to Internet"

France's evolution towards the Information Society is marked by a specific history related to the supply and use of the Minitel. This hybrid phenomenon led to a bipolar nature of the French online spaces and contributes to explaining the reality of France's backwardness in the adoption of the Internet.

"Outsourcing Practices in Europe"

The global market for outsourced information processing services is rapidly expanding and changing. The aim of this report is to map the state-of-the-art of knowledge relating to outsourcing practice and to provide insights on how outsourcing is influencing the nature and level of employment, and the accumulation of skills to support information processing work in Europe.

"The Globalisation of Information Processing Services: the implications of outsourcing for employment and skills in Europe"

New institutional forms of outsourcing practices are emerging to support the externalisation of information processing services work. This report aims to investigate the implications of these new forms for the distribution of employment and skills within and between firms and countries and to understand which management practices might ensure the viability and sustainability of outsourcing arrangements.

"Internet Diffusion Dynamics in Europe: Demand Scenarios and the Digital Divide"

The diffusion of the Internet is strongly related not only to the technological opportunities available in different countries, but also to the social and economic context within which these opportunities can be exploited. This report aims at identifying and interpreting the future patterns of Internet diffusion among European countries by developing a model that forecasts two alternative scenarios of Internet access and usage in Europe.

As for all STAR reports, they are available for free downloading upon registration. The executive summary, instead, is available directly online (

Should you have any problems with the downloading or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the STAR project consortium(

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