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6 August 2002

News from IST Key Action II Project - STAR

Even though the development of telecare tools was driven by economic considerations such as the need to reduce healthcare costs and provide care services in sparsely populated areas, the current usage of telecare in Europe is still in its infancy: the actual provision of such services remains rather rudimentary and services are only available on a small experimental or pilot phase.

This is the result of one of recent researches aiming to provide an in-depth assessment of the changes occurring in the provision of health care services as a consequence of the use of information and communication technologies. For more information, have a look at the new report "Civilising Technologies in Healthcare Provision: Experiences and Prospects for

On STAR Project web site there is also the report on another new STAR research seeking to explain why companies showing a high level of internal use of ICT (Information and communication technologies) and/or a comprehensive approach to e-business are the most successful ones in selling and procuring online. This new report is entitled "The Winners are…Multipractitioners!"

On the web site are new versions of two reports published in year 1 of the project: "Electronic Commerce and Business Model Evolution: an Exploratory Study of Experience and Practice in European Firms" and "Textile Clusters and the Development of E-business: Embracing the New Challenge?".

It is also possible on the web site to view other (upcoming) new reports.

As for all STAR reports, they are available for free downloading upon registration. The executive summary, instead, is available directly online (

Should you have any problems with the downloading or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the STAR project consortium(

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