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20 December 2001

News from IST Key Action II Project - STAR

IST Project (IST-1999-14122) "Socio-economic Trends Assessment for the Digital Revolution" (STAR - project has ready for you a wealth of information.

The project has focused its fundamental and original research on: "Understanding the digital economy in Europe", in particular, the socio-economic impacts and the socio-economic and technological aspects of the digital economy development.

The first 19 issue reports are now available for free downloading ( They cover key issues such as growth and employment effects, business models in e-commerce, e-government, new ways of working, the balance of skills demand-supply, e-payment systems, disruptive technologies, UMTS in Europe, the third generation mobile market, and sustainable development.

From the evidence and analysis of the interaction among key trends and the insights into their relationships, and thanks to the collaboration of a group of opinion leaders and industry experts, the project has also developed hypotheses of future developments.

Last but not least, have a look at the project Executive Briefings (, short position papers of recognised professional quality that distil the key messages of the research results, providing input and advice to specific audiences.

STAR Project Email contact: