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11 December 2002

News from IST Key Action II Project - NEWEMMSEC

IST Key Action II Project IST-1999-11922 (NEWEMMSEC) has organised three successful non-virtual conferences. The first one was held in Madrid in 2000, the second one in Venice in 2001 and the third one in Prague in 2002.

As the project finishes at the end of December 2002, a web site providing a permanent record of the conferences has been established at:

On the site there are all the press releases issued in relation to the three conferences, copies of the call for papers and the conference programmes, information about the conference proceedings, abstracts of papers, edited versions of the plenary papers, and copies of some of the plenary speakers PowerPoint presentations. Also on the site there is information about Key Action II of the IST Programme, details of the annual IST events, and links to various IST Programme related web sites.

In late 2001, building on the success of the conferences, the NEWEMMSEC project launched the eBusiness and eWork Virtual Conference. This is designed to provide a platform for projects funded by IST Programme Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, to publish their results. Selected papers from other contributors will also be published. A number of papers have already been published, mostly papers that could not be accepted into the programmes for e2001 and e2002.

The virtual conference web address is

Key Action II projects are invited to contribute a paper to this virtual conference. Papers already published in the e2000, e2001, e2002 conference proceedings can also be published in the virtual conference. Interested authors should send an email to the conference organiser for further information.