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30 July 2002

eBusiness and eWork 2002 addresses area singled out by European Parliament

In giving its approval to the new Information Society Technologies programme, the European Parliament stressed the need to develop mobile and wireless infrastructures. This important area is being addressed in the forthcoming eBusiness and eWork 2002 (e2002) conference, which is being held in Prague on 16-18 October 2002.

Mobile and wireless applications are addressed in the conference sessions. Areas covered include time and location dependent services, trails of third generation systems, and personalisation of content delivered to mobile devices. Also to be addressed are lessons learnt from Japan concerning what works with mobile Internet.

Transport and tourism services, a potentially important area, will also be considered. Mobile transport information has been identified as one application that will drive the development of mobile content markets. Not only is this an area where demand is expected to be significant, but it is also an application with significant environmental benefits, as it should help to ease access to public transport systems by providing better quality and up-to-date information.

Mobile communications in one area where Europe has a lead over its rival in the United States and Asia. Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society, speaking at the IST conference held in Düsseldorf in December 2002, referred to the role of research into third generation mobile telephones within the Sixth Framework Programme. He mentioned that one research area would be mobile devices that will be able to provide Internet accesses.

The e2002 event will provide delegates with an opportunity to learn about some of the research activities in the area of mobile devices and the Internet, which have been supported by the IST programme within the Fifth Framework Programme. Delegates will also be able to learn what steps are being taken to help to ensure that Europe's lead is maintained in this strategically important area.

The eBusiness and eWork events are the conferences for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme. Key Action II of the IST Programme is also the primary sponsor of the eBusiness and eWork conference series. The major sponsor of e2002 is the Technology Centre, Czech Republic.


Notes to Editors

The following are a selection of papers relevant to Mobile and Wireless applications that will presented at the e2002 conference:

What works with mobile internet - lessons from Japan
Rowan Carroll, M&A International, Belgium
IMAGE, innovative agent based eServices for mobile tourists and local citizens
Pekka Eloranta, Mobisoft Oy, Finland
B-MAN: Business Mobile Agent Network
Antonio Sanz, Schlumbergersema Sae, Spain
The Image project: innovative eBusiness models for passenger transport & mobility
Vassilis Mizaras, Truth Sa, Greece
WHYLESS.COM: business models of mobile telecommunication systems
Matthias Pohler, Dresden University of Technology, Germany
An advanced concept of assistance for mobile customers of POS
Ka Richter, Zgdv, Germany
Sponsored access and the effect on 3G uptake - the free-G trials
Charles Pangrazi, Schlumbergersema, The Netherlands
A Framework for mobile location and time dependent information systems
Bernhard Holtkamp, Fraunhofer ISST, Germany
An integrated approach to advanced user experience on mobile devices
Lars Mehrmann, Siemens Ag, Germany
Combining context-awareness and personalisation on mobile terminals
Howard Williams, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
Intelligent tagging and mobile commerce applications: Automated home replenishment
Leda Koukara, Pouliadis Associates Corp., Greece

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