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29 October 2001

Results from IST Programme Key Action II Projects Published

Results from over 70 research and development projects supported by the European Commission's IST Programme, Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, have just been published by IOS Press in Amsterdam.

The book contains the papers presented at the Key Action II eBusiness and eWork conference (e-2001), which was held in Venice, October 17-19.

Researchers operating in the frontiers of new Internet technologies for the Information Society provided contributions to the conference and the book. The book is organised into two volumes; the first dealing with human factors affecting people and organisations: management, work, learning, legal issues and trust. The second volume looks at the business factors of the supply chain, the emerging technologies such as mobility and knowledge management and the increasing number of industrial applications.

An early book, published in 2000 by IOS Press, contain results from other Key Action II projects. This earlier book contains the proceedings of the e-2000 conference held in Madrid in October 2000.

The eBusiness and eWork event is the conference for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme, who are also the primary sponsors of the eBusiness and eWork conference series.



Notes to Editors

The title of the new book is "E-work and E-commerce: Novel solutions and practices for a global networked economy (ISBN: 1 58603 205 4, Price US$190/EUR190/£120)".

The ideas, aims, progress and experience in this book should provide the inspiration to take on the new technologies in order to improve business or to initiate further research. Business managers should benefit from learning about the coming technologies and the attitudes of those that are uncovering them. It is vitally important to discover what the Internet revolution means for business but it could be profitable also, to uncover any opportunities for offering services and products in this area. In addition, the first volume opens with strategic wisdom and examples from leading companies and organisations that are involved in the new technologies: Cisco, Canon, Telecom Italia, IBM, and Buyonet. There are also contributions from George Mason University (USA) and the European Commission.

Contents Volume one: Human considerations: Strategy and Policy, Organisational issues, Learning and Linguistic Support, Work and Mobility, Work and Sustainable Development, Intelligent services and products, Advanced Research in e-market places, Law, Security, Trust, and Confidence Volume two: Business issues: Mobile Applications for Business and Work, Intelligent Supply Chain, Corporate Knowledge Management, Intelligent Networked Organisations, E-Business for Manufacturing, E-Business for the Construction Industry, Further Industrial Applications, Media and Entertainment Applications, Government and Regional Developments, Technologies and Infrastructures, Platforms and Standards.

The title of the earlier book is "E-business: Key Issues, Applications and Technologies (ISBN: 1 58603 089 2, Price US$160/EUR170/£107)".

The production of both books was financed by the European Commission's IST Programme, Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, through the IST project NEWEMMSEC.

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