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23 October 2001

IST 2001 follows on from e-2001

The European Commission has just announced the IST 2001 event which this year takes place in Düsseldorf, December 3-5, under the banner of "Technologies Serving People". The event follows on from the Commission's e-2001 conference, which was held in Venice, October 17-19.

Whilst e-2001 was devoted solely to the topics of eBusiness and eWork, IST 2001 is much wider in scope, with topics ranging from cybercrime to entertainment and nano-technology. Both e-2001 and IST 2001 provide a platform for innovative IST research projects to display and present their results.

The eBusiness and eWork conference and the IST event have both become major European Commission events, offering European IT industries and specialists a unique opportunity to keep pace with the best of innovation in Europe, to exchange experiences and ideas and to make or renew key contacts.

e-2001 provided an opportunity for those interested in future developments within Key Action II to learn something about future directions in the forthcoming Framework VI programme of research actions. IST 2001 will also offer an opportunity to understand the structure and contents of the 6th Framework for EU research (2002-2006), and the corresponding Specific Programme for R&D activities in the field of Information Society Technologies.

IST 2001 is the main event for the overall IST programme while e-2001 is the conference for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme.

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