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22 July 2002

Key Action II Achieves Good Response to Calls for Expressions of Interest

Universities, companies and research centres throughout Europe have responded with more than 15,000 ideas for European research following a call for expressions of interest to participate in research projects under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research (FP6), due to be launched in the autumn of 2002.

Approximately 3000 of the 15,000 expressions of interest relate to the IST Programme. Of these 3000, about 600 cover topics which are related to the work of Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce.

The Commission will be undertaking an analysis of the suggestions received over the coming months. Further information about developments in the area of Key Action II will be available by the time Key Action II holds its annual conference, e2002, in the autumn.

The eBusiness and eWork 2002 (e2002) conference will take place in Prague on 16-18 October 2002. e2002 provides an opportunity for projects funded by Key Action II to present their results. Delegates will also be able to learn more about future plans for Key Action II within FP6.

The eBusiness and eWork events are the conferences for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme. Key Action II of the IST Programme is also the primary sponsor of the eBusiness and eWork conference series. The major sponsor of e2002 is the Technology Centre, Czech Republic.

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