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21 December 2001

Europe set firmly at the Heart of eBusiness Development

This is one of the main messages emerging from the recent eBusiness and eWork conference (e-2001), which was held in Venice, October 17-19. Delegates attended the conference from Europe, the USA, Japan, Africa and Australia. The event demonstrated that Europe is making a major contribution towards the development of new Internet-based technologies.

The eBusiness and eWork conference is an annual event that is now considered as a main reference point to check the state of the art of eBusiness technologies in Europe. The event is aimed at providing a dissemination platform for eBusiness and eWork research projects funded by the European Commission's IST Programme, Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce.

The conference demonstrated how emerging digital technologies for eWork and eBusiness are generating new R&D opportunities and new business initiatives. It also showed how progress and developments are continuing, even though the dotcom bubble has burst, and how industry still supports the Internet as a fundamental means of improving business and creating new opportunities.

The conference was held shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, but was nevertheless well attended, demonstrating the growing interest in Europe's progress in eBusiness technologies and related issues.

Keynote strategic papers in the plenary sessions were presented by speakers from the European Commission, Cisco, Canon, Telecom Italia LAB and IBM.

In the closing session, Rosalie Zobel from the European Commission, the Director responsible for Key Action II said: "I am highly pleased with the success of the Venice Conference, which has shown how well Europe is placed in the development and exploitation of Internet technologies."

The e-2002 conference will take place in Prague in October.

The eBusiness and eWork events are the conferences for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme, who are also the primary sponsors of the eBusiness and eWork conference series. Other sponsors of e-2001 were Telecom Italia, Canon and InfoCamere.


Notes for editors.

Around 273 abstracts were submitted for the e-2001 event. Of these 179 were selected for the conference and these have been published in a two volumes book entitled E-work and E-commerce Novel Solutions and Practices for a Global Networked Economy. See news release dated 29 October 2001 for further details.

The e-2001 Programme Committee's Award for the best paper in the Conference went to Manon van Leeuwen of Fundecty, Spain for the paper entitled The impact of e-work on leadership in organisations. The two runners up were: Norman G. Roth from Fraunhofer IAO, Germany, for his paper NIMCube: New Use and Innovation Measurement and Management Methodology for R&D; and Monika Jungemann-Dorner from ComnetMedia, Germany and Tony Lam from NetUnion, Switzerland, with their paper Open Contracting TransActions in the New Economy.

The Organising Committee's Award for the best demonstration went to Gruppo Formula of Villanova di Castenaso (Bologna, Italy) for their stand presenting two projects, FLUENT and WHALES.

A special award for demonstration went to Telecom Italia on behalf of Key Action II Project, ANGELO, the goal of which is to create a guardian angel - an e-assistant - for workers and managers in call-centres. Such a guardian angel should provide a better working environment, improve motivation among call-centre employees and enable companies to provide better service to their customers.

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