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18 April 2000

Madrid to Host Internet Event

Internet's future technologies and uses will be highlighted at the eBusiness and eWork Conference which takes place later this year in Madrid. The event is highly topical with most companies wondering how to take advantage of the Internet.

The conference will examine European progress in the area of the Information Society and shown how emerging technologies are generating exciting research opportunities and new business ideas. This event is aimed at all those who want to learn about the latest developments, exchange information and experiences and make contacts for research or commercial gain.

The scope of the programme is based on the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme, Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce. The conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion of new highly innovative developments in e-work, e-business and e-commerce and issues related to individuals, organisations and markets in the emerging digital economy.

The three-day programme includes plenary sessions, parallel sessions in four streams and an exhibition. Parallel sessions will describe developments in technologies; highlighting results and industrial potential. Keynote speakers in the plenary sessions will emphasise future developments, market forces and business strategies.

An exhibition will cover research projects, books, software and services. Demonstrations and posters will focus on the potential industrial benefits. A match-making service project, will assist with the location of partners for project proposals, future research activities or marketing arrangements. There will be special facilities for SME contacts.


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