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15 October 2002

The eBusiness needs of Newly Associated States to be addressed in Prague

The European Commission's IST Programme Key Action II (New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce) annual conference, eBusiness and eWork (e2002), kicks-off tomorrow in Prague. This is the first time that the conference has been held outside a European Union Member State.

On the agenda are the needs of Newly Associated States (NAS). There will be a special session on barriers and opportunities for SMEs in NAS.

A number of presentations are also being made from speakers from Eastern European countries. Irina Záliascaronová, of the BMI Association in the Czech Republic will speak on the subject of Czech SMEs going digital. Leonid Novitski, from Riga Technical University, Lithuania, will address the conference on the subject of applications of advanced IT-solutions in the Baltic port areas of NAS states. Cornel Resteanu, from Romania, will speak about goods and services acquisition system by electronic auction, Roumen Nokolov, Sofia University, Bulgaria will talk about a number of case studies of teleworking solutions for Bulgarian SME's, and Boyan Bontchev, also from Sofia University, will speak about web portals for professional financial services. From Poland, Marciej Witczyƒski, Silesian University of Technology, will speak on the subject of virtual organisations enabling net-based engineering, whilst Anna Badziak of The Polish Post, will consider eBusiness and eWork to improve the quality of service in pre-accession posts.

There will also be conference speeches from people within the European Union who are working closing with the NAS. Jean-Pierre Euzen, from The European Commission, will speak about barriers and opportunities in NAS, and Athanase Contargyris, from Dialogos, Greece, will talk about the identification of co-operation opportunities between EU and NAS

The eBusiness and eWork events are the conferences for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme. Key Action II of the IST Programme is also the primary sponsor of the eBusiness and eWork conference series. The major sponsors of e2002 are Canon Europe, InternetOnline, and the Technology Centre (Czech Republic).

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