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15 October 2001

European Commission Supports Exploratory High Risk/Long Term E-business Research

As part of its 2001 programme of research, the European Commission is supporting exploratory high risk/long term research in the area of E-business. The objective of the work is to explore visionary concepts with a high potential payoff.

The work is part of the IST Programme's Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce. The focus is on novel concepts relevant to Key Action II, especially speculative ideas with potential for important industrial, economic or societal benefits. The IST programme is interested in supporting work that combines technological innovation with novel practices or business models.

The closing date for proposals is October 17th, which also coincides with the opening of the Key Action II conference (e-2001), which is being held in Venice, October 17-19. During the conference many existing Key Action II research projects will be presenting their results. These cover a wide spectrum of topics. Included in these are human issues; legal aspects of e-business; trust, security and confidence; mobility; knowledge management; supply chain management; and industrial applications of new e-business technologies.

e-2001 is the conference for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme, who are also the primary sponsors of e-2001. Major sponsors are Telecom Italia, Canon and InfoCamere.

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