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10 June 2002

Getting ready for Europe's Framework Programme Six

New Internet Technologies, their uses and impacts will be featured at e2002 (the eBusiness and eWork Conference) which takes place later this year in Prague. This is the third conference is the series that examine results emerging from IST Programme Key Action II projects, as well as other research work being undertaken in the field. The conference will provide an overview of European progress in the development of the Information Society.

For the first time the conference is being held outside the EU, in a candidate country. This reflect the importance that the European Commission attaches to establishing a dialogue on the Information Society with those countries seeking membership of the EU, and integrating their researchers into the wider European research community. Holding the event in a candidate country also provides an opportunity to discuss issues of particular relevance to these countries.

e2002 is aimed at those wanting to learn about the latest developments, exchange information and experiences and make contacts for research or commerce. Its scope is the area Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, which is part of the European Commission's IST Programme. e2002 will help prepare conference participants for the EC's Framework Six Research Programme, which is being launched in the latter part of 2002, by showing how emerging digital technologies in eWork and eBusiness are generating new business ideas and exciting research opportunities.

Keynote speakers from Oracle, EDS, Expedia, Video Arts, MSN, First Tuesday and the European Commission will highlight market forces, business strategies, legal, regulatory and policy issues. Parallel technical sessions will describe enabling technologies and their industrial potential, as well as broader social and employment issues. Alongside the three-day programme of conference sessions is a display of demonstrations as well as social events that include a partners' programme. A matchmaking service will help delegates locate partners for research proposals or marketing arrangements and there will be special facilities for small business contacts.

The eBusiness and eWork events are the conferences for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme. Key Action II of the IST Programme is also the primary sponsor of the eBusiness and eWork conference series. The major sponsor of e2002 is the Technology Centre, Czech Republic.

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