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9 October 2001

Electronic Procurement Rapidly Becoming the Preferred Means of Purchasing

A European study published in June 2000 revealed an extraordinary level of interest in electronic procurement among purchasing executives in France, Germany and the UK. The survey revealed that 14 per cent of respondents had installed some sort of Internet-based purchasing system. However the survey also showed that 58 per cent of those surveyed were considering one. Moreover, 75 per cent thought that the Internet would very or extremely important for procurement in three years' time. A survey undertaken in the UK in 2001 revealed that 58 per cent of companies were using Internet technology for procurement, with the figure expected to rise to 90 per cent within the next two years.

One reason for the expected increase is the UK Government's stated commitment to e-procurement for almost all commodity items within the public sector by 2004. This is believed to be a major factor in speeding up the take-up of e-procurement solutions and practices.

The European Commission is supporting research and development projects in the area of electronic procurement as part of the IST Programme's Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce. Some of this research and development work is being presented at the e-2001 conference, which is to be held in Venice, October 17-19. Topics to be covered include Internet broker service for bidding and procurement in the Tile Industry, Internet procurement for the construction and engineering industry, electronic markets for services, and much more.

e-2001 is the conference for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme, who are also the primary sponsors of e-2001. Major sponsors are Telecom Italia, Canon and InfoCamere.


Notes to Editors

The following are a selection of papers relevant electronic procurement and electronic marketplaces that are being presented at the e-2001 conference.

Concept and Model for an Internet Broker Service for Bidding and Procurement in the Tile Industry
Olaf Peters, BIBA, Germany
Integrated Business Processes and Methods for Electronic Procurement and Marketplaces
Boris Otto, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
Internet Procurement for the Construction and Engineering Industry
Henriqueta Novoa, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Combined Internet Based Market and Engineering System for Laser Job Shops
Markus Masur, Laser Zentrum Hannover, Germany
Modelling Electronic Markets Preferences
Maria João Viamonte, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal
B2B eMarkets - An Analysing Framework
Bo Lennstrand, Stockholm University, Sweden
Electronic Markets for Services: The Road to Success for the Electronic Trade of C-Services
Hendrik Hoeck, RWTH Aachen, Germany
New challenges for e-marketplaces, relevant solutions
Jerome Peze, Tinubu Square, France
An Electronic Market Place Infrastructure based on eCo Framework
Asuman Dogac, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

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