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4 February 2002

Human Language Technology can play a vital role in enabling eBusiness markets

Human Language Technology (HLT) can play a vital role in enabling the emerging eBusiness market. Forecasts show that technologies that enable 'radical' multilingual support will form a crucial competitive response for the next generation of eBusiness web sites.

This is the message that emerged from a special session on Human Language Technologies, held at the recent eBusiness and eWork conference (e-2001), which was held in Venice, October 17-19. The conference session demonstrated Human Language Technology in action in commercially oriented settings, involving an applied research context and an existing eBusiness application.

Given the multilingual nature of the European market, it is very much in the interests of European business competitiveness to ensure that a significant portion of any eBusiness technology portfolio considers multilingual Human Language Technology as baseline contribution to business survival. There is no doubt that the capability to cost-effectively operate web sites in several European languages will be a key success factor in the future for those companies seeking to sell products and services Europe wide.

The eBusiness and eWork events are the conferences for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme. Key Action II of the IST Programme is also the primary sponsor of the eBusiness and eWork conference series. Other sponsors of e-2001 were Telecom Italia, Canon and InfoCamere.

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