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2 October 2001

Security Still a Big Concern

A Business Information Security Survey commissioned in 2000 by the National Computing Centre in the UK, showed that just one in five companies were trading on-line. The survey revealed that the vast majority of British businesses still remained to be convinced that the benefits of on-line trading outweighed potential risks. These risks include insecure payment systems and Internet fraud and viruses. The concerns expressed were so great that two thirds of those companies that were not trading on-line had no plans to do so in the next two years.

The European Commission is well aware of these concerns and is addressing security as part of the IST Programme's Key Action II, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce. The focus of the work being supported by the Programme is on information and network security and other confidence building technologies. The proposed work is driven by the need to build trust in order to stimulate the development of eWork and eCommerce and to create user confidence in information and communication systems and networks.

Work is currently being supported in two area: (1) trust in information infrastructures and (2) enhancing security in electronic transactions. The objective of the first area of work is to enhance trust in information infrastructures to support eWork and eCommerce and other related services. The objectives underlying the area concerned with enhancing security in electronic transactions is to build trust in the use of information infrastructures by securing electronic transactions and content, and by enhancing privacy.

Security related research and development work supported by Key Action II is being presented at the e-2001 conference, which is to be held in Venice, October 17-19.

e-2001 is the conference for RTD projects in Key Action II of the IST Programme, who are also the primary sponsors of e-2001. Major sponsors are Telecom Italia, Canon and InfoCamere.


Notes to Editors

The following are a selection of papers relevant security and trust that are being presented at the e-2001 conference.

Architecture and Security Aspect of a Signature Server
Bruno Crispo, Cryptomathic Italia, Italy
The Digital Signature And Its Enemies
Fiorella Bonizzi, InfoCamere, Italy
Development of the Secure MultiMediaCard with WIM function
Takashi Tsunehiro, Hitachi, Japan
SEVA: a framework to dynamically set up and run secure extranet
Pierre VANNEL, GEMPLUS Labs, France
A monitoring/auditing mechanism for SSL/TLS secure connections
Christoforos Kavvadias, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Security Policy Adaptation Reinforced Through Agents
Aljosa Pasic, Sema Group, Spain

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