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e2001 Conference Proceedings - Table of Contents

E-work and E-commerce: Novel Solutions and Practices

for a Global Networked Economy

Edited by Brian Stanford-Smith and Enrica Chiozza

2001, ISBN 1-58603-205-4




Advisory Editorial Committee

Volume 1: People Factors: Management, Work, Users, Customers, Trust and Security

Section 1.1: Strategy and Policy

Joining the Internet Ecosystem
R. Lloyd

Driving Change through e-Business - The Case of Canon
S. Pilotti

An Industry-Driven Approach to International e-Business Cooperation
T. Gulledge

A Million e-Businesses, Interacting with a Billion People, through a Trillion
Interconnected Intelligent Devices....
R. Sarucco

B2E Mobile e-Business: Driver, Passenger or Spectator?
S. Dyson

'Think Global, Act Local'
F. Tengberg

e-Business and e-Work: The Challenges Ahead
R. Zobel and N. Sadeh

Section 1.2: Organisational Issues

Managing Organisational Capital in the New Economy: Knowledge Management
and Organisational Design
A. Bounfour, P. Damaskopoulos

Lore: Language-Based Expertise Mining
H. Rutten, S. Rogers

Measuring Value - Creating Value - A Solution for Process Innovation in High-Tech
Company Networks
B.R. Katzy, M. Dissel, M. Blum

Dynamics of Innovation towards E-Commerce: The Case of France
C. Charbit, V. Fernandez, E. Tricot

Automated Performance Measurement
N. Ferguson, B. Andersen, J. Browne

A Performance Management System for New Product Development from a Reuse and Invention Perspective
N. Roth, J. Prieto, F. Lettice, R. Dvir, I. Penev, M. Tsanev, S. Evans, K. Young, T. Schulte

SMART: System for the Development, MAnagement and SuppoRT of Strategic
I. Bitran, J. Bitran, S. Corm, C. Hall, A. Nagel, H. Nicholls

BENE-BUS - BENchmarking of E-Business Solutions for Western and Eastern
European SMEs, IST- 1999-29024
R. Zuffada, F. Giacometti

Methodology for the Implementation of e-Business Solutions in SME's
L. Curneiro, A. Alves, D. Carneiro, H. Held, C. Wolf; J. Macey, F. San Martin, F. Ballester

B4U - Business for You - The Virtual Community for the SME's Development
and Consolidation
T. Dell'Orto, B. Ferlito, U. Galluccio

Critical Success Factors for eBusiness for SMEs
S. Feindt, J. Jeffcoate, C. Chappell, E. Gaboardi

EC Funded Industrial Research Co-Operation in the Area of IT
P. Drath, R. Gagliardi, S. Muscella, R. Pleger, A. Ceccarelli

Section 1.3: Learning and Linguistic Support

Customisable Resource Discovery Services
W. Donnelly, Y. Nicol

Learning on Process Knowledge: A Technological and Methodological Proposition
K. Samiotis, A. Poulymenakou, P. Zaharias

The Fraunhofer Knowledge Network (FKN) for Training in Microelectronics
A. Sauer, G. Elst, W. John

The KOD (Knowledge on Demand) Packaging Toolkit: An XML Adaptive Learning
Content Management System
F. Cardinali, G. Da Bormida, R. Vaccaro, F. Grosso, D. Sampson

New Opportunities for Language Technology in Multilingual eMarkets
H. Fersoe, A. Joscelyne

Trading Cultural Heritage Digital Objects On-line
T. Arcarese, V. Cappellini, F. Cervelli, R. Gagliardi

Section 1.4: Work and Mobility

Providing Innovative Services to Youngsters Using Context-Aware Mobile Devices
R. Pascotto, M.H. Williams, H. Muyal

Multimedia Workplace of the Future
H. Kuhlmann

A Virtual 3D Video-Conference System Providing Semi-Immersive Telepresence:
A Real-Time Solution in Hardware and Software
O. Schreer, N. Brandenburg, S. Askar, E. Trucco

Does e-Work Really Pay Off? An In-Depth Analysis of Opportunity Costs for
A. Giilz, J. Hofmann

STARMATE: Using Augmented Reality Technology for Computer Guided
Maintenance of Complex Mechanical Elements
B. Schwald, J. Figue, E. Chauvineau, F. Vu-Hong, A. Robert, M. Arbolino, M. Schnaider, B. De Laval, F. Dumas De Rauly, F.G. Anez, O. Baldo, J.M. Santos

Experiences on the Integration of Teleworking and Telelearning into Small and
Medium-Sized Enterprises
A. Knierriem-Jasnoch

A Worksupport Tool for the Team-Oriented Production and Management of
Multimedia Content for Cross-Media Publishing
F. Schmidt

Experience with Teamwork in Distributed Work Environments
R. Messnarz, G. Nadasi, R. Bernhard, E. O'Leary, B. Foley

EMPLOY: New Employment through Innovative Tools and Services for an
Efficient/Effective European Structural Funds Management
L. Gadda, D. Remotti, A. Savoldelli

LENSIS - Leveraging Non-Profit Sector toward Information Society
F. Borga, A. Savoldelli, L. Vignolo

Section 1.5: Work and Sustainable Development

Accommodating the New Economy: The SANE Space Environment Model
A. Harrison

The Case for Immaterialisation
S. Simmons, D. Leevers

TERRA Project Integration Using IFS
B.B. Hughes

eBusiness and Sustainable Development
T. Schauer

Internet-Based Labour Markets: Status Quo and Potential
K. Gareis, A. Mentrup

Interventions for Sustainable Employment in the Information Society for
Disadvantaged Groups
S. O'Donnell, C. Duggan

New IST-Based Work Methods and the Family: The FAMILIES Project
K. Cullen

The Impact of the Digital Economy on Leadership in Organisations
M. van Leeuwen

Section 1.6: Intelligent Services and Products

Personalising Customer Interactions Using Knowledge Mined from Behavioural Logs
S.S. Anand, M. Baumgarten, K. Bradley, J. Gonzalez-Olalla, N. Rooney, M. Galushka

Personalised Customer Interaction for the Configuration of Products and Services in a Supply Chain
R. Schäfer, W. Schütz, X. Ceugniet, J. Mitchener, L. Ardissono, A. Coy, M. Zunker, D. Jannach, A. Felfernig, R. Simeoni, R. Gavuzzi

An Architecture for Integrating Virtual Sales Assistant Technology into E-Business Environments
T. Gurzki

Intelligent Assistance to E-commerce
A. Garcia-Serrano, J.Z. Herndndez, P. Martinez

Understanding How People Use Search Engines: A Statistical Analysis for e-Business
F. Cacheda, Á. Viña

Certification of Web Access Statistics
F. Bergadano, D. Cavagnino, P.A. Nesta

The Challenge of Leverage on e-Interactive Tools for Customer and Supplier Collaboration
O. Khan

Lean Configuration: Interactive Configuration for the Internet
I. Fikouras, E. Gisbrecht

Intelligent Product Information Search in E-Commerce: Retrieval Strategies for Virtual Shop Assistants
M. L'Abhate, U. Thiel

Electronic Payment Systems: Issues of User Acceptance
D. Abrazhevich

E-Payments: Which Systems in Europe for the Coming Years?
D. Bounie

Interactive and Real-Time Help-Desk System in Electronic Shop Environment
K.-O. Detken, U. Kaufmann

eSolutions - Design Principles for Ease-of-Use
S. Wikström, C. Persson, B. Lennstrand

CASH - Customer After Sales Help (IST-1999-12061)
J. Sabaziotis

A Real-Time Mechanism for Targeted Dynamic Personalization
M. Gounaris, V. Skoularidou, K. Tzelepis

An Intelligent Framework for the Calculation of Discounts in Electronic Shops
J. Homann, M. Halatchev

The Spanish Speaking Countries Electronic Commerce Market
J. Peire, M. Castro, P. Vallejo

GeoMarkt.NRW - An E-Commerce Platform for Geospatial Information and Services
R. Gartmann, B. Holtkamp

Extended Products: Observatory of Current Research and Development Trends
B.E. Hirsch, J. Schumacher, J. Eschenbächer, K. Jansson, M. Ollus, I. Karvonen

Tourism in the Age of Internet - A Solution for Destinations
P. Beritelli, M. Müller, B.R. Katzy

E-Tour: Multimedia Mobile Guides to Enhance Fruition of the Heritage
F. Bellotti, R. Berta, A. De Gloria, A. Gabrieli, M. Margarone

Best Practice in Dynamic Networked Organisation
P. Weiss

Section 1.7: Advanced Research in e-Market Places

Modelling Electronic Markets Preferences
M.J. Viamonte, C. Ramos

B2B eMarkets - An Analysing Framework
B. Lennstrand, M. Frey, M. Johansen

Electronic Markets for Services - Requirements and the Road to Success for the Electronic Trade of C-Services
H. Hoeck, S. Bleck

New Challenges for e-Marketplaces, Relevant Solutions
J. Peze

Concept and Model for an Internet Broker Service for Bidding and Procurement in the Tile Industry
O. Peters, J. Zabel, F. Weber

openXchange - Framework for Integrated Business Processes and Methods for Electronic Procurement and Marketplaces
B. Otto

FINMEDIARY - A Financial Engineering Approach to Mediation in the Investment Funding Process
R. Chelli, N. Allegretti, F. Giacometti

POEM: A Platform for an Open Electronic Marketplace based on eCo Framework
A. Dogac, I. Cingil

EASYCRAFT: Towards a Trans-European E-Commerce Ambient in the Craft Sector
A.M. Assimakopoulos, P.T. Parganas, M.A. Tzima, D.I. Fotiadis

Combined Internet Based Market and Engineering System for Laser Job Shops
H.-K. Tönshoff A. Ostendorf, A. Mumbasic, M. Masur

Delivering Quality Demanding Services
R. Dal Molin, F. Marra, R. Muzza, A. Reale, E. Roddolo, M.R. Spada, R. Gagliardi
FAIRWIS: A System for Improving On-line Trade Fair Services
P. Buono, M.F. Costabile, A. D'Atri, M. Hemmje, G. Jaeschke, C. Muscogiuri, E. Pauselli, F. Barbini

Section 1.8: Law, Security, Trust and Confidence

E-Arbitration-T©: An Alternative Dispute Resolution for SMEs
J. Gouimenou

Architecture and Security Issues of a Signature Server
B. Crispo, S. Sheye

A Service Platform for On-line Dispute Resolution
D. Mitzman, R. Gagliardi, P. Skehan

Time Stamping in E-Commerce
P. Sklavos, A. Kaliontzoglou, D. Polemi, T. Karantjias, A. Mitrakas

Private Copies and Rights Management Issues: the SDMI-solution (and Other Techniques) as Deus Ex Machina?
K. Bodard

Supporting Small Businesses to Deal with Legal Issues in E-Commerce
Y. Duan, R. Mullins, R. Brownsword

The Digisec Project - The Adventures of the Digital Signature in Italy
F. Bonizzi

Development of the Secure MultiMediaCard with WIM Function
T. Tsunehiro, H. Ishihara, H. Mano

SEVA: A Framework to Dynamically Set Up and Run a Secure Extranet
P. Vannel, Y. Roudier

A Monitoring/Auditing Mechanism for SSL/TLS Secure Connections
C. Kavadias, K.A. Koutsopoulos, V. Kollias, G. Stassinopoulos

Electronic Contracting in the Construction Industry
M. Merz, G. Tesei, G. Tunzi, T. Hassan

eLEGAL: Dismantling the Legal Barriers to ICT Up-Take in Virtual Enterprises
T. Hassan, C. Carter, C. Seddon, M. Mangini

Virtual Enterprise Legal Issue Taxonomy
C. Van Schoubroeck, H. Cousy, D. Droshout, B. Windey

Conceptual Framework for Virtual Enterprise in Construction
J. Hyvärinen, M. Hannus, C. Carter, J. Puttonen, P. Välikangas

Open Contracting TransActions in the New Economy (OCTANE Project)
N.-H. Kühne, M. Jungemann-Dorner, T. Lam

Volume 2:Business Aspects and Considerations

Section 2.1: Mobile Applications for Business and Work

A Framework for Web and Mobile Customer Support Service
S. Pensa

Mobile Services Go Beyond Wireless, Beyond Internet … Beyond 'e'…
F. Violante

Electronic Service Using Advanced Information and Communication Technologies
G. Burger, I. Hartel, S. Billinger

Section 2.2: Intelligent Supply Chain

Support for Information Management in the Sales and Service Life-Cycle Phases of a One-of-a-Kind Product
K. Jansson, M. Anastasiou, G. Burger, I. Hartel, I. Karvonen, M. Ollus, J. Puttonen, P. Välikangas

SMARTISAN - A New Business Paradigm Supporting Extended Products Across the Supply Chain
A. De Oliveira, J. Fradinho Oliveira, M. De Oliveira

CREATIV: Co-Operative Product Development in a Virtual Network
M. Winkler, G. Grau

Integrating and Co-Operating with External Partners
N. Bubner, J. Kühnast

Innovative Internet-Based Process Model for PLC Software Development
G. Gadda, D. Sergiano

Advanced Infrastructure for Pan-European Collaborative Engineering
M. Bauer, H.J. Eikerling, W. Mueller, A. Pawlak, K. Siekierska, D. Soderberg, X. Warzee

HELCOM Project: An Integrated eCommerce System for SMEs in Greece
K. Markellos, P. Markellou, M. Rigou, S. Sirmakessis, A. Tsakalidis

WHALES: A Project Life-Cycle Management Application for Extended Organisations
D. Gazzotti, M. Palmirani, P. Paganelli

Section 2.3: Corporate Knowledge Management

ANGELO: Knowledge-Based Virtual Facilitator in Team Working
F. Davide, M. Gutknecht, M. Holmberg, M. Andersson, M. Nardi, A. Pede, A. D'Amico, V. Spicacci Minervini, E. Mazzone, M. V. Santoni, F. Corsini, L. Lanzi, R. Tiella, A. Di Mauro

DECOR - Delivery of Context-Sensitive Organisational Knowledge
A. Abecker

Patterns to Adopt Knowledge-Based Solutions to Software Processes Management Problems E. Ostolaza, N. Quintano, G. Satriani

Knowledge Engineering in Virtual Organisations
D. Bönke, E. Ammann, J. Zabel

Knowledge Management for Knowledgeable People: European Research Organisations and their Knowledge Management Practices
K. Davis

Innovative Methods and Tools for the Effective Management of Corporate Knowledge
C. Westerling, M. Rund, T. Faber

IMS Project SYMPHONY: On the Management of Knowledge-Based, Adaptive Organisations in the Knowledge-Driven Economy
J. Kemp, N. Roth, J. Prieto, C. Meier, I. Affolter, L. Brouyere, M. Hartmann, P. Staedtler

Workflow Directed Knowledge Management
W. Jansweijer, J. Breuker, J. van Lieshout, E. van de Stadt, R. Hoekstra, A. Boer

Section 2.4: Intelligent Networked Organisations

Inter-Domain Authorisation and Delegation for Business-to-Business e-Commerce
P. Michiardi, R. Molva

FLoCI-EE: Flexible Low-Cost Internet-Extended Enterprise
K. Fürst

Value Networks: Business Process Integration over the Internet
R.D. Franco, Á. Ortiz Bas, F. Lario Esteban, R. Navurro Varela

Enterprise Intra- and Inter-Organisation Integration Need for International Consensus
K. Kosanke

The Four Layers of EE and VO Infrastructures
F. Lillehagen, D. Karlsen, K. Tangen

Design of Information Services Based on the Service Flow Concept
V. Spitadakis, M. Manasaki, P. Chatzaras, A. Koumpis

Designing Virtual Communities to Support E-Commerce Adoption
A. Angehrn, T. Nabeth and B. Subirana

Configuration Concepts for Process Adaptation
G. Peter, T. Rose, C. Rupprecht, A. Zwegers, E. Van Hulm

The Business Architect: Getting to Grips with New Business Development
D. Aston, B. Katzy, V. Kazei

Classification of Dynamic Organisational Forms and Co-ordination Roles
K. Riemer, S. Klein, D. Selz

From Business Community towards btob-Commerce
I. Hussla, A. Thiemann

Dynamic Management of Virtual Enterprises in the Textile/Garment Industry
J. Fradinho Oliveira, A. De Oliveira

The What and Why of a Virtual Enterprise Reference Architecture
J. Vesterager, P. Bernus, J.D. Pedersen, M. Tølle

Sophisticated Co-Operation in Dynamic SME Networks Based on Co-operative Planning and Control
M. Ryba, M. Matthiesen, B. Löffler, R. Aits, Á.D. De Oliveira

Section 2.5: e-Business for Manufacturing

Information Management for Networked Product Support
M. Ollus

Seamless Production Planning and Communication in Distributed Manufacturing: Case ABB Switchgear Production
J.-M. Nurmilaakso, J. Kettunen, J.-M. Lehtonen, J. Saranen, I. Seilonen

Existing eBusiness Technology for Manufacturing Companies -What Kind of Process-Supporting Sales Management Methods and Tools are Suitable for Manufacturing Companies?
R. Bürscher, H. Huemer

Managing the Virtual Factory: Web-Based Configuration, Scheduling and Monitoring
Christian de Sainte Marie

e-CANNED: Electronic Commerce in the Cannery Industry
A. Sanz Pulido

Section 2.6: e-Business for the Construction Industry

ICT Research and Development for the Construction Industry in the European IST Programme
A. Zarli, Y. Rezgui, A.S. Kazi, T. Hassan, S. Soubra, Z. Turk, R. Scherer

An Open Specification and Framework for the Construction Dynamic Virtual Organisations: The OSMOS Project
Y. Rezgui, M. Bourdeau, A.S. Kazi, A. Zarli

ICT Support for Distributed Engineering in Construction
A.S. Kazi, M. Hannus, J. Laitinen

eBusiness in Building and Construction: The econstruct Project
R. Van Rees, F. Tolman, C. Lima, B. Fies, J. Fleuren, A. Zarli

Towards the Next Generation of Civil Engineering Collaboration Platforms
Z. Turk, R. J. Scherer

Divercity: A VR Application for the Construction Industry
J.-C. Lombardo, M. Marache, S. Soubra, L. Da Dalto, O. Balet, M. Paulin

Information Services to Enable European Construction Enterprises: The I-SEEC Project
Z. Turk, R. Amor, D. Bloomfield, T. Cerovsek

Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry: The e-COGNOS Approach
M. Bourdeau, F. Giraud-Carrier, Y. Rezgui, A. Zarli

Communicating Information in the Joint Sales Network of Construction Industry Suppliers
F. Reim

Internet Procurement for Products and Services in the Construction and Engineering Industry - The Need for European Standardisation
J.F. e Cunha, A. Amador, H. Nóvoa, A. Correia, J. Carvalho, A. Lima, A. Conde

Section 2.7: Further Industrial Applications

DRIVE - Drug in Virtual Enterprise
A. Sanna, D. Cipriano, S. Buso, M. Wilikens

SaFES, an Egalitarian Catalyst for Change Harnessing Ubiquitous Web Technology, Offering Transparency for all Stakeholders in Food Quality
J.H. Wademan

Small Retailing of Fresh Food in the e-Business Era
A. Marqués-Moreno, F. Carvajal Rodrigo, K.G. Zografos

Redesigning the Traditional Retail Value Chain: MyGROCER Innovative Business and Technology Framework
G. Lekakos, P. Kourouthanassis, J.O. Tuominen

e-Flora: e-Commerce and the Agricultural SMEs
C. Tsagari, A. Garbi

Section 2.8: Media and Entertainment Applications

Business as Usual or a Real Paradigm Shift? The Music Industry's Response to e-Commerce Technology and Ideology
R. Wallis

Interactive Networked Collaboration and Novel Interaction Techniques Supporting Traditional Animation Production
F. Van Reeth, K. Elens, K. Dethier, W. Lamotte - Live Interaction with Video Broadcast over the Web: A New Approach to E-Commerce
R. Ferraz

SmartCast - Transforming Broadcast Content Providers into 'Smart' Broadband Media Organisations - An IST Project
G. Baumhauer, P. Gelderblom

Advanced Techniques for Personalized Advertising in a Digital TV Environment: The iMEDIA System
T. Bozios, G. Lekakos, V. Skoularidou, K. Chorianopoulos

Section 2.9: Government and Regional Developments

Development of a National e-Network
A.B.S. Fosse

Dynamic Workflow Models for Public e-Administration
R. Gagliardi, S. Montanari, P. Fiorenzani, G. Mazzini

Extended Network to Eastern Regions Involving Government Authorities Industries and Academia (ENERGIA)
E. Boudon

eNorway: The Nordic Welfare Model as an Alternative in the Digital Economy
A.-L. Straumdal

A New Portal on Telework in the Italian Public Sector
A. Minelli

The Production and Communication of Technological Knowledge at Regional Level: The European Evidence
P.P. Patrucco

E-Business in Emerging Economies: A Comparison of Turkish and Romanian Multimedia Companies
J. Collyer, A. Koçak, D. Ariton, G. Lee, V. Edwards

Towards a European Information Architecture for Public Administration: The InfoCITIZEN Project
K. Tarabanis, V. Peristeras, A. Koumpis

Benchmarking of e Governmental Strategies
K.-E. Andersson

Section 2.10: Technologies and Infrastructures

Matching ecommerce Platform Services with Business Models
B. Holtkamp, R. Gartmann

Architectures and Methods for Information Systems Promoting Co-operation and Innovative Business Processes in Enterprise Networks
J.P. Sousa, A.L. Soares, C. Toscano, A. L. Azevedo

A Plug and Play WEB-Enabled Solution for Supporting Small Hauliers Collaboration
F. Gollini The Use of Open Source Technologies to Provide Cost Effective Services for eBusiness to SMEs
M. Ó Foghlcú

An Architectural Framework for Virtual Enterprise Engineering
A. Zwegers, M. Hannus, M. Tølle, J. Gijsen, R. van den Berg

An ICT Platform for Supporting Virtual Enterprises of SMEs
G. Bonini, F. Bonfatti, P.D. Monari

Conceptual Model of Information Navigation in Networked Organisations
N. Brehmer, J. Martinetz

SMEs and the Implementation of Information Systems: How to Succeed
I. Karvonen

e-Industrial Services - Value-Added Services from the Socket
W. Sihn, T.-D. Graupner

Intelligent Agenda: A Basic Tool to Improve Efficiency in eBusiness Environments
I. Goirizelaia, J. Unzilla, A. Ferro, C. Perfecto

Section 2.11: Platforms and Standards

An Agent-Based System's Architecture to Describe Workflows in the Office
E. Blechschmitt, J. Sahm

Indicators to the Effects of Agent Technology on Consumer Loyalty
M. Witkowski, J. Pitt, P. Fehin, Y. Arafa

The Use of Mobile Agents and Machine Learning in Project Management
M.G. Fordyce, J.E.M. Tyler

Security Policy Assessment with Agents
A. Pasic, A. Pinuela, J.L. Castillo, D. Bonilla

XML Used for Remote Control of Public Kiosk Systems (POI, POS)
R. Malkewitz, K. Richter

Structuring Knowledge with XML
E. Meissner

The Development of FactWrangler™ - Providing Classification and Mark-Up Capabilities to Enhance Digital Content
P.M. Cunningham and J. Carolan

Interoperability and Business Models for e-Commerce
M.-S. Li

The Emerging AP-233 STEP Standard: An Essential Enabler to e-Business and e-Work
J. Johnson

The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network: Standards for Interoperable Process Engineering Software Components
J. Köller, B. Braunschweig, K. Irons, M. Jarke, M. Pons

Author Index