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Agility Achievements

Agility Achievements


Paul T Kidd has been active in the field since 1992. Paul is a leading expert who published the world's first book on the topic. Over the years he have taken a strong stance and maintained that much of what has been advocated as agility is just current best practice dressed up with new packaging. As a result he has been able to penetrate beyond the hype and the apparent "new clothes", to generate tangible and worthwhile concepts and tools. In particular he has:

1. Developed a focused and industrially relevant definition of agility;

2. Highlighted weakness in so called current best practices, including lean enterprise and mass customisation;

3. Differentiated agility from flexibility;

4. Identified the defining parameters of an agility strategy;

5. Positioned agility within the framework of a next generation enterprise model;

6. Developed methods that help companies to become more agile.

Very little of the above has been placed in the public domain. One day it will published in the context of sustainability.







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